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Continuous Concrete Curbing and Landscape Edging


Curb Appeal mixes the concrete mixture on site with fibermesh.

  • Color is mixed into the concrete, to ensure your curbing has color throughout.

  • Relief cuts are placed strategically into your curbing to prevent cracking.

  • Sealing is included during the installation phase to protect the coloring.



With many design patterns and colors to choose from, you are able to create your own curb appeal.

  • Design flexibility allows curves and turns that compliment your landscaping.

  • Provides a visual separation between your lawn and landscape. 



Continuous concrete curbing will not rust like steel, decompose like wood, break like plastic, or move like blocks.

  • Reduced maintenance when mowing and maintaining your lawn and landscape. Rock and mulch stay in place and your landscaping is clean and elegant.


Double Brick

Single Brick

Random Brick

Basket Weave


Small Deco

Aussie Cobble

Running Rock

Aussie Slate

Curb Shape

Concrete Colors

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